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Intelligent temperature controller

 This range of temperature controller uses micro-processor technology and is scalable for simple application like stand alone fan coil thermostat to sophisticated network PI temperature controller. Providing max of 5 DO + 2 AO outputs, and 2 AI + 1 DI, the ET25 range can be freely programmable on site or via ModBus networks



● Tight controls of temperature control 0.5°C to provide comfort environments.
● Tamper protected setting control for use in public area
● Versatile application by self configuring outputs and inputs
● Networking capabilities for central control for energy conservation and comfort
Use of Modbus for easy integration to iBMS system



 Temperature sensor:10kohm at 25, acc. 0.5 degree
Supply: 24Vac for controller, 230Vac for DO
Relay contact: 6A/230Vac for fan motor, 1A/24Vac for valve motor
Temperature range: 0-50 degree

Order Code

Order code Description
ET25A Networkable thermostats.3DO (6A/230V),2 AO,1 AI
ET25B Networkable thermostats.3 DO(1A/24Vac) ,2 DO(1A/24Vac ) 1 AI
ET25C Networkable thermostats,5DO (1A/24Vac ), 2 AI, 1 DI
ET25D Networkable thermostats, 5DO (1A/24Vac ), 2 AO,2 AI, 1 DI


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