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Space CO sensors

 GSCO1 is a newly developed fixed gas detector of Dura. With high-quality electrochemical/catalytic gas sensor and excellent craftwork, it has the advantages of good repeatability, disturbing-proof against temperature and humidity, long life-span and easily operation.

     It can transfer the gas concentration in air into digital signal output through 4-20mA electric current signal. It is suitable for gas detection in car parking or industrial environment where toxic gas or combustible gas leaks



● Stable and highly reliable

● Excellent linearity

● Good repeatability

● Standard output ,easy to interface to BMS systems

● 1000PPM, other options selective
Supply voltage :24Vdc
Linear Outputs: 4–20mA
                         Low alarm relay output
                         High alarm relay output
Measurement range: 0~1000ppm
Working principle: Electrochemical
Low alarm level:35ppm
High alarm level:200ppm
Cable:1.5 mm2×3 field cable
Sampling method:Diffuse naturally
 Response time:<60s
Consumption: 2W/channel
Working condition:Tem.: -20℃~50℃   
                               Hum.: ≤95%
Protection grade:IP66
Air pressure:86kPa~106kPa
Dimension:L×B×H mm:165×118×62
Transmission distance:≤1000m
Installation: wall-mounted
Order Code
GSCO1:  Space Type Carbon Monoxide Sensor 

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