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Air DP switches

This series air differential pressure switches are suitable suited in domestic,commercial and industrial areas strong polluted on air conditioning and ventilating systems for filter monitoring, correct fan functioning control, low pressure and overpressure monitoring, and de-activating electrical heaters during air absence.



Differential pressure for air controls
Alarm activation at a preset value.



Contact: 1 x EPU snap-action pole change over contacts
Switch capacity:
PA11/13: 5(0.8)A, 250 Vac
PA12:1.5(0.4)A, 250 Vac
Differential: fixed (see datasheet)
Working temp.:
PA11/PA13: -30 - +85ºC
PA12:-20 - +85ºC
Max pressure:PA11/PA13: 75 mbar (< 75ºC); PA12: 50 mbar (> 75 ºC)
Diaphragm: siliconbr> Storage: -30 - +85ºC
Housing: sinthetic
Protection: IP54


Order Code

Order Code Description
PA10 Air DP switches 20-300Pa
PA11 Air DP switches 30-400Pa
PA12 Air DP switches 50-500Pa
PA13 Air DP switches 200-1000Pa

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