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LA60 globe vavle actuators

LA60 series are linear actuator for mounting onto GV range of globe valve for precision water flow control in HVAC purpose. The range of products are good for both PDTO or PDTC valve, and suitable for both floating and proportional controls.



Reversible motor with magnetic clutch for long service life
External position indicator for clear indication of position
Low cost
Choice of strokes up to 25mm to adapt different types of valve



Power supply: 24/240Vac 50/60Hz
Consumption:  9VA
Stroke:  8/13/116/22/25mm
Stroke time: 4.6s/mm
Force: 800N
Storage temp.: -25~+65ºC
Operation temp.:  -5~+55ºC
Max. liquid temp:  120ºC
Humidty:  75%RH max.
Protection: IP54
Weight: 2Kgs
Control output: 0-10Vdc, 4-20 mA
(for proportional type)
Body material: Aluminium alloy
Housing material:  ABS


Order Code

Linear Actuator, Floating (R/L) Control, 800N
Linear Actuator, Proportional Control,
DA/RA, 800N

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