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16NM/25NM/40NM Damper Actuators

Accepting either on/off or floating, or proportional control signal(model dependent) this DA series of damper actuators require either 24Vdc/ac or 230Vac power supply (see order code).
Auxiliary switch option is available on request.
The direction of rotation can be reversed and the angle of the mechanical travel can be limited by up to 30º from either end.


0 - 93º angle of rotation
ON/OFF or floating or proportional control (model dependent)
Adjustable working range
Universal coupling



Power Supply: 240Vac (-15%~+10%)
Frequency: 50/60Hz
Power consumption: 6VA~8VA
Angle of rotation: 0 - 90º (93º max)

Actuator Torque:

Running time:
DADC/P16: 80s
DADC/P25: 125s
DADC/P40: 250s

Ambient: 0 to +50ºC, RH 5 - 95%
Noise Level: 48 dB (A)
Weight: 1.2 Kg
Max. spindle size: Square 10-16mm, Round 10-20mm
Spindle length: > 50 mm
Protection: IP 54


Order Code

Ordercode Description
DAAC16 16Nm 230Vac Floating control
DADC16 16Nm 24Vac/dc Floating control
DADP16 16Nm 24Vac/dc Proportional control
DAAC25 25Nm 230Vac Floating control
DADC25 25Nm 24Vac/dc Floating control
DADP25 25Nm 24Vac/dc Proportional control
DAAC40 40Nm 230Vac Floating control
DADC40 40Nm 24Vac/dc Floating control
DADP40 40Nm 24Vac/dc Proportional control

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