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Single relay module

The single relay module enable a controller output signal to drive a single changeover relay. This allows plant of up to 5A at 240Vac resistive to be switched via the relay contacts. The module may either be mounted on a DIN rail or a flat surface.



Converts a 10Vdc analogue output signal to a 5A relay output



Coil Operation:
12Vdc nominal 576 ohm (20 ºC)+/-10%, current 18mA (approx) at 10Vdc, minimum operating voltage 8Vdc
Contact Rating:
8 A nominal at 250Vac (resistive load)
5A at 250Vac (inductive load, cos Ø = 0.4) to maintain same contact life

Dimension: 75.5 mm x 15.5 mm x 68 mm
Weight: 44.5g
Mounting: Module consists of relay in socket. Socket can be mounted on a flat surface or onto a DIN rail
Terminals: screw with self lifting cable clamp, can accommodate two 2.5 mm2 wires.

Protection: IP20 (relay)
Ambient temperature: -40ºC to +70 ºC


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Single Relay Module 12VDC
Single Relay Module 24AC

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