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Two relay module

The IOR12 converts an analogue output of an BMS controller to two stages of relay output, and acts as an interface between the controller and heating, cooling and ventilating equipment. It may be configured as a high/low or a raise/lower relay module by link selection. The raise/lower mode has a stroke time function, which is implemented by a 16-bits microcontroller. There are manual override links for each relay to aid commissioning. Field wiring is facilitated by rising cage clamp type terminals, and a supply loop terminal aids wiring to additional modules.



converts an analogue output signal to two stages of relay output



Supply voltage :24Vdc or Vac +/- 20%
Supply current :35mA (24mA for single relay) @ 24Vac/dc
Input signal :0 to 10Vdc (4mA maximum)
Contacts :240Vac single phase only 5A ( or inductive load, cos¦µ=0.4), and 20Vdc at 5A (inductive load). For 24Vdc (inductive load) reduce to 2A, Arc suppression recommended.
Operating modes: linkable High/Low Raise/Lower
Manual override: Linkable AUTO/ON/OFF
Led :Single LED for each relay. On energized
Ambient limits:
storage : -10ºC(14 ºF) to +70ºC(158 ºF)
operating : -10ºC(14 ºF) to +50ºC(122 ºF)
humidity :0 to 90%RH non-condensing


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IOR12 Two Relay Module for DIN Rail With Strok Time

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