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Six Relay Module

 The IOR16 converts a 0-10V dc analogue input into a 6 relay output. The IOR16 can be configured for 3 modes of operation, Stage, and Sequence. On/Off/Auto jumpers are provided as an aid for commisioning and LED’s indicate the relay status. Reaction time is adjustable, a rotary control. The IOR16 is designed to fit onto a DIN Rail.

• Fault finding LED indication
• Relay status LED indication
• On/Off/Auto links for ease of commissioning
• DIN Rail mounting
• Link selectable staged or sequenced  
 Input Signal: 0-10V dc, (1mA typical)
Output Contacts: 6 x SPCO
Contact Rating: 12A/250V ac (res.)
Power Supply: 24Vac+/-10%
                        24Vdc+10% -6%
Mode of Operation: See Overleaf
Manual Override: ON/OFF/AUTO (Link Selectable)
Terminals: Rising Clamp for 0.5-2.5mm2 Cable
LED Indicators: Supply OK
              Supply voltage high
              Relay status
              Hi input voltage
           Incorrect input mode jumper selection
                   Low input voltage (only in 2-10Vdc mode)
Time Delay: 0-25 Seconds (see overleaf)
Ambient Range:     
              Temp: -10℃ to 40℃
                 RH: 0-80% non-condensing
Dimensions: 110mm x 72mm x 25mm
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Six Relay Module for DIN Rail

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