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1500N Heavy Duty Chain Actuator

A better alternative to replace the linear actuators for heavy vents.

Designed  to fulfill the need to drive big roof and slope ventilators with good aesthetics. Special double layer chain blade  provides  sufficient force to withstand 1500N compression force up to 1100mm stroke.



Strong and robust chain construction to open/ close heavy vents.
Corrosion resistance housing.
Meets B300 (300°C  30 Mins) EN 12101-2 annex G.
Meet EN12101-2 annex C cycle test for 10,000  cycles.
Micro processor based control delivers constant speed, soft opening, water seal relief and finger protection to enhance users safety and reduce stress to the ventilators.
High speed opening to 1,100mm in 60 seconds.


Technical Specification

Voltage: 24 Vdc +/- 6%     
Operating current: 5.5A
Stroke: 100-1500mm
Push/Pull forces : 1500N
Clamping forces: 5000N  (based on manufacturers bracket)
Speed: max. 18mm/s    
Housing: Extruded Aluminum
Finishes: Power coated RAL 9006
Cable: 1 meter silicon cable
Ingress Protection:  IP 32
Endurance: 10,000 cycles on 30% duty cycle
Operating Temperature: -10-65°C
Weight : 10 kg (500mm stroke)
Synchronizer: Optional


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