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250N Chain Actuator

Compact design for use in conceal installation.                                                       

Very quiet operation ideal for day to day ventilation.  It is ideal for use in natural ventilation or light weight roof-light.



Compact and small housing for use  in small windows.
Corrosion resistance.
Design to meet EN 12101-2 annex G.
Meet EN12101-2 annex C cycle test for 10,000 cycles.
Option to have soft opening, water seal relief and finger protection.
Smart version available for network controls.


Technical Specification

Voltage: 24 Vdc +/- 6%     
Nominal Current: 0.6 A
Stroke: 100 - 800 mm
(> 400mm for retraction only)
Push/Pull forces : 250N
Clamping forces: >3,000N (based on manufacturers brackets)
Speed: 5-6mm/s    
Housing: Extruded Aluminum
Finishes: Power coated RAL 9006
Cable: 1 meter silicon cable
Ingress Protection:  IP 32
Endurance: 10,000 cycles on 30% duty cycle
Operating Temperature: -10-65°C
Weight : 1.2 kg (350mm stroke)
Synchronizer: Optional

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